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It has been my pleasure to work with FremontTech for all my IT needs over the past two years. I originally hired Bradley to help troubleshoot several issues in our computer system. He was able to quickly diagnose the problem, present me with an estimate, and then follow through with completing the project in a timely manner. His work resulted in a drastic improvement in the speed of our network which helped us become more efficient. Since then, Bradley has taken care of all our IT needs. From maintaining our network security, to consulting on new equipment purchases, to rewiring our rooms for additional network connections, Bradley does it all!

I enjoy working with Bradley because of his in-depth knowledge and capability. I can rest assured that he will be accurate and thorough in his work. I also enjoy communicating with Bradley because he has a gift for explaining complicated computer issues in layman's terms. Everyone in my office likes working with him because of his friendly, calm demeanor and exceptional customer service.

Bradley Klco is an excellent computer technician. I give him my highest recommendation without any hesitations.

Amy J. DeVries, O.D.

Cuming County Nebraska

This letter is to recommend services provided by FremontTech. Bradley was very instrumental in helping Cuming County update their website. At the time, the County had a cookie cutter website through the Nebraska Secretary of State's Office. Bradley reprogrammed the site, hosts the site and worked with us to set up several email accounts. We found Bradley to be extremely creative and innovative. We feel that Cuming County has one of the best County websites in Nebraska. Although government websites were somewhat new to him, he worked through all the issues very professionally and was extremely courteous to all involved in the project.

As County Clerk for a small County in Nebraska, I also server as the Election Commissioner. Each Election Day can be a 16 to 17 hour day for me. It is essential that election totals are updated throughout the evening. This allows my staff to continue to count ballots instead of answering telephone calls from various members of the media and the general public. I have been very appreciative of the servers Bradley has provided on these days. He was always available to provide technical support. Having a website that I can rely on increased my productivity time by one to two hours and shortens the day for my staff and myself.

I also appreciate the tutorials that Bradley provides us to make changes on our own to the website. I am continually making changes to contact information, agendas, bidding information and uploading minutes. This allows me to make simple changes on my own within my time frame.

Seriously consider Bradley for your upcoming project. You will find that he will fully meet your expectations.

Bonnie Vogltance
Cuming County Clerk

The 5th Season, Inc.

The 5th Season has worked with Bradley for many years now. We were thinking about going on the web, but didn't know where to start. Bradley happened to walk into our office and asked if we were interested in having a website. Our website was one of the first ones he worked up. He finished the project at the time he said he would have it completed. We have quite a few compliments on it. In the near future we will go a step further and incorporate paying and signing up on line. It is easy to maneuver around and eye appealing. We are on his server at this time and it is very reliable. Bradley also works on our computers and whenever I call he comes over right away. He is a very talented and friendly person. Bradley has been working on a new accounting system on his own; we have been discussing this for a couple years.

I have recommended Bradley to several people and will continue to.

Dayle Ourada
The 5th Season, Inc

HP Spartacote, Inc

Roughly a year ago we engaged Bradley to develop a complex online tool for use by our customers and distributors. We manufacture concrete floor coatings and have several different systems which call for the use a variety of products. The tool accurately determines the amount and type of materials to use for a given project system and square footage.

He worked with us directly in creating the script along with a back-end module that allows us to easily update the tool. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and even offered us some useful recommendations. The tool has generated returns for our company in productivity and increased business that extend far beyond what we paid.

We are very happy with Bradley and hope to use him again soon.

Ben Grier
HP Spartacote, Inc

L & L Gifts and Engraving

A couple of years ago Bradley stopped in and asked if we had a web site and if there was anything he could help with. We had a site but were real limited on what we had on the site. He showed us some ideas and gave us a price range of what it would cost.

He set up our site, www.llgifts.com if you would like to check it out. We now have over 5500 items listed on our web site. Before we were lucky if we had 75. We are able to go on line and add our items to the site ourselves. We are able to see how many people have been on our site, what they have looked at, if they started a shopping cart and if they abandoned the cart.

Before our new site we did not get orders from it. Now with the new site we have done over $12,000 in the last year. We have had orders from all across the U.S. but also from Sweden, U.K. and Australia. We also have local customers who have said they have been on line looking and then have shopped in the store.

Bradley also hosts our site. He has even up-graded his servers so that they can handle our site better. Problems, yes, but he has always taken care of them in a timely manner. And it has been some time since we have had any problems.

Bradley has helped us have a much better presence on the web.

I have no problem recommending Bradley for web site development or hosting. If there are any questions my information is at the top of this letter and would be happy to visit with you.

Leonard G. Brester
L & L Gifts and Engraving

Nina Phalen

I would have to be considered a 'senior citizen' ... did not get involved in the computer world until my late 70's, after the death of my husband, and needing something to do with my time. I'm still not as 'savvy' as I would like to be but able to enjoy my many friends on e-mail etc. I am not able to go shopping like I used to, so I do all of my shopping on the computer, and the UPS man delivers to my door.

When I have a problem I call Bradley, and he always comes to my rescue. When I had to replace my computer, he converted my old information and got me hooked up again. At that time I lived 35 miles away from Fremont, and he even came to my home there. I was not able to take my computer to him, he came to me. My computer gives me many hours of enjoyment, and when it isn't working....I call Bradley and in a very short time he is at my door. He is a very important part of my life....

Nina Phalen

Paul & Debbie Parkert

We are self-admitted computer and IT illiterates. We were introduced to Bradley by our daughter who had nothing but praise for the work he did for her in designing her business website.

Now, whenever we have a question or problem we call Bradley and he either guides me to a solution over the phone or immediately stops by to fix or correct whatever problem we have encountered. He always does this with professionalism and with an expertise that we will never pretend to understand. Bradley also has updated our home system and kept it within a budget we requested. To summarize, we would be utterly lost in the computer age without the services of Bradley.

Paul & Debbie Parkert

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